Steelseries Stratus XL and VR

You’ve seen me posting about using the Steelseries gamepad to play VR games. I originally purchased it to play games with my Gear VR and it did work well paired to my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone.  I was hoping it’d be the perfect controller for me with my Oculus Rift. I had some issues with buttons not working properly when playing Elite:Dangerous. On the weekend I was playing Subnautica and most of the time the Left and Right Trigger buttons would work some cases, but not all.

On the weekend I had planned to give in and buy an XBox One wireless controller (about $99.95 here at EB Games), however I completely forgot. I was quite annoyed when I got back from shopping but had planned to go today and buy the controller.

Last night I had an idea. I have a Playstation 4 with two controllers. We don’t play games much on the PS4 — mostly we watch Anime and Doctor Who on ABC iView. I did some quick research online and it looked possible to use a PS4 controller, but the articles I read said I need a Sony Wireless bluetooth dongle.  I thought I’d try anyway without one as the motherboard in my computer has built-in bluetooth. 

I put the PS4 controller in pairing mode and went to Add New Bluetooth Device on Windows 10. It found a “Wireless Controller”. I hoped that was good enough, so I launched Steam in Big Screen mode.  It let me select the Playstation Controller Support option and I launched Subnautica and crossed my fingers.

It worked! The controller is much more responsive and all buttons work successfully in-game. Subnautica has “Playstation Controller” as a gamepad option so I enabled that and was happily playing the game.  My Playstation 4 controller has a rechargable battery pack, so I can just plug it in overnight as I had been already doing. Well, this has saved me nearly $100 and I’m very happy again!

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