Monthly Archives: September 2023


I decided to find another interesting game to play. I really like Valheim but have been playing it for so long it was time for a change.

I looked through a lot of Reddit suggestions and came across Smalland.

I bought it and loaded up and started playing:

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I’ve been having a lot of fun soloing Valheim lately. I started a couple of weeks ago and play occasionally.

I started a new server from scratch so it’ll have the new Mistlands update released last December.

I began in the Meadows and then found a Black Forest not too far away. However, I had to sail quite a bit to find a good Swamp biome. I soon found one and built a small home there which I’ve expanded. Also while sailing around there right next to the Swamp biome was Haldor. I got my Meginjord which helps me carry more items.

However, the small Swamp biome did not have any sunken crypts, so I sailed on further and found a slip of land which is a Black Forest biome with a large Swamp behind it. I landed my boat and build a small home there. I could now mine for iron, which is great.

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