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Aussie Tech Heads – Episode 759

Aussie Tech Heads – Episode 758

Aussie Tech Heads – Episode 757

Satisfactory – second impressions

OK so I decided to bite the bullet and try more Satisfactory. My friend suggested restarting with a new server build, so this time I picked the desert-style area. There was an Iron deposit and Copper deposit nearby and limestone not too far away. I built the Hub because it appears the first person to log onto the server (or the admin? no idea) gets the Hub parts to build, so I built it.

I dropped off a few portable mining robots and Will got busy building another crafting station. I built an Engineer’s Workshop and we started getting somewhere. Perhaps it created a faulty server build the first time? Hmm.

This time we started with Xeno Zappers, so that’s good. I started exploring the area and collecting parts and alien tech and power slugs. I got chased by a fire-breathing dragon thing and it hit me then I clipped under the world again. So I lost whatever I had since I had to RESPAWN. It was getting late so I left Will to it.

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I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this here. I programmed a game for the VZ200 using TRSE!

Millipede for VZ200

It was quite a lot of fun to do. It also motivated me to provide a lot more library support for the VZ200. I ported all of my Foxglovz game library for the VZ to TRSE since both are just Assembly calls.

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