Monthly Archives: May 2015

Packt Free Learning Library

Every day Packt Publishing is giving away books for free to help teach new tech skills From 30th April, 2015 Packt Publishing has thrown open the virtual doors of its new Free Learning Library and offering its customers a daily …

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Old Fart Geeks – Episode 009

This week we discuss: The Metric System International Bureau of Weights and Measures Kinetoscope The Antikythera mechanism John Bardeen Dvorak keyboard IBM Model 701 Velcro Bob Metcalfe’s Ethernet Breakout Skylab West Coast Computer Faire – Apple II Puck-Man – Pacman …

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Aussie Tech Heads – Episode 438 – 21/05/2015

035 – The Obsidian Loft Minecraft podcast (19-05-2015)

This week we discuss: Minecraft by Notch XBox Minecraft by Microsoft and 4J Studios Pocket Edition Minecraft by Dinnerbone and tomcc Camouflaged Armor Jack in the Box by Seth Bling New bows and Arrows coming? Mojang prank Minecraft dungeon update …

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Aussie Tech Heads – Episode 435 – 30/04/2015