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Improving nVidia 3090

I bought a Gigabyte nVidia 3090 card a couple of weeks ago. I know.. I know.. quite expensive, but you see.. nVidia are going to gimp their 3xxx series cards from crypto and I needed to get in as soon as I could.
I went to a dozen or more online computer shops and saw a few cards around. The cheapest was about $2,300.
I decided to sleep on it and the next morning I made my decision. Logged onto many sites and 99% of them had no cards. I ended up getting one from UMart for $2,700AUD! Ack!

Oh well. I know I’ll make it back easily enough.
I’ve been using NiceHash. It’s probably the easiest way to mine and it just works and works well.
NiceHash lets you transfer to CoinBase for free, so that’s also very handy.
Even more handier now I know the website I buy my vaping stuff from The Vape Store supports CoinBase. I can withdraw my Bitcoin from NiceHash to CoinBase for free and pay for my purchases using Bitcoin! Epic! 🙂

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Crypto mining

I’ve decided to get back into some Crypto coin mining. You may know I had a Crypto podcast with Will called Aussie Tech Crypto.

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