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Pik n Mix – Commodore 64

This is a game created by Shallan50k. I was watching his stream as he made it and contributed a few funky sprites to the game. Lots of fun to play! Give it a go 🙂 Pik n Mix

More No Man’s Sky fun!

Played a bunch more of NMS today and tonight. I made a friend! And the fun thing is, I can ride him! Altho he’s not very fast. In fact, he’s slower than I walk I think haha! I also set …

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No Man’s Sky

I decided to try out a new game I’ve had in my Steam Library for forever. No Man’s Sky. You start out on a barren planet and need to find your spaceship and repair it. At first I thought it …

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Vintage Story : A Minecraft-like game

I was looking through posts on Reddit the other day and came across a suggestion of a game called Vintage Story. It’s kind of like Minecraft, but not. It is being developed by some programmers who were developing a Minecraft …

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Satisfactory – second impressions

OK so I decided to bite the bullet and try more Satisfactory. My friend suggested restarting with a new server build, so this time I picked the desert-style area. There was an Iron deposit and Copper deposit nearby and limestone …

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