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I’ve been working with the Z88DK and wanted to look at doing some sprites. I started by loading up the VZEm emulator and using SET and COLOR and loops. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time. I needed something better.

Paintyx by Jason Oakley
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Aussie Tech Heads – Episode 658


In 2000 I programmed a clone of Arkanoid for the VZ200/300 computers called Arkaball. This was done with the help of the Z88DK devkit which lets you code in C for Z80 microcomputers.
Since then Z88DK has moved ahead in leaps and bounds and is even better than before.
I wanted to be able to easily create fonts and display them on the VZ screens. I saw the Flappybird clone for VZ used monochrome sprites and with some research discovered these are supported by Z88DK.

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Dick Smith VZ-300

When I was about 12 years old my parents bought me a Dick Smith VZ-200 computer. This is a rebranded Video Technology Laser 210 sold in Australia.
I had been looking for something in my dad’s wardrobe and lifted up a jumper or towel and it was hidden underneath. I was so excited! But I wasn’t supposed to know so only told my sister haha. I spent many years playing that computer.
A friend of mine (Guy Thomason) was kind enough to give me his Dick Smith VZ-300 computer recently.

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Aussie Tech Heads – Episode 656