Monthly Archives: May 2014

Debian beats the pants off Ubuntu

Debian Logo

To aid in getting experience with Puppet Enterprise I wanted to set up a few computers in my home network to install and test Puppet on.

I have a MacBook Pro mid-2010 which I had not been using much. I had previously installed Windows 7 on it. I decided a few days ago that I would install a Linux distribution on my MacBook Pro (7,1) and use that as a Puppet Agent box.

As I have been using Ubuntu, I wanted to install this on my MacBook Pro laptop.  I had to install the rEFInd Boot Manager first to enable booting my USB key with an Ubuntu ISO on it for installation. It also lets me boot the final installation of Linux.

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Some Puppet podcasts

Lately, I’ve been looking into finding some Podcasts related to DevOps and Puppet to listen to.

Here’s a few I’ve started with:

This should give me something to listen to during my afternoon walks and learn about Puppet and other DevOps stuff.