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Cassette 50 competition

There’s a Cassette 50 charity competition for the Commodore 64 computer at the moment. Games are based on the original ‘cassette 50’ idea where you got 50 games but they were very small and not very good quality. They went for quantity instead!

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Aussie Tech Heads – Episode 707

Aussie Tech Heads – Episode 706

Amiga 500 stuff

A couple of months ago a friend of mine gave me his two Amiga 500 computers which he wasn’t using. That was a real treat for me as I’ve never had an Amiga of my own. I was deciding between an Amiga 600 and an Amiga 2000 then everything suddenly went IBM and so did I.

The Amigas were a little worse for wear…

Two dirty old Amiga 500s
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Aussie Tech Heads – Episode 705