Monthly Archives: March 2015

032 – The Obsidian Loft Minecraft podcast (24-03-2015)

This week we discuss: Minecraft by Notch XBox Minecraft by Microsoft and 4J Studios Pocket Edition Minecraft by Dinnerbone and tomcc Interview special with IllegalD from The Feed the Beast: Infinity modpack Pacman, Space Invaders and Arkanoid in Minecraft …

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Old Fart Geeks – Episode 007

This week we discuss: Electric motor Ernst Mach Alexander Graham Bell AT&T RCA NBC David Sarnoff Rudolph Diesel Henri Becquerel Transatlantic service Werner Heisenberg Checkograph James Chadwick’s neutron RADAR Arrowbile Valentina Tereshkova Polaroid Steve Jobs Sputnik 9 Ranger 8 Cray-1 …

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Aussie Tech Heads – Ep 428

The Nth Doctor Adventures

I’ve played a few characters in the Doctor Who fan-fiction series “The Nth Doctor Adventures”.