Jason has had training and experience at Volunteer radio stations. He has trained at a Sydney Voiceover school.

He also volunteered his voice for LibriVox.org readings.

A self-confessed geek, Jason Oakley was born in NSW, Australia in 1971 and has been on the internet since around 1993.

He was a big fan of the Dick Smith VZ200 (his first computer) and the Commodore 64 (he had a C64c and now does again). He was briefly known as “Majikthise” in a demogroup called “Lithium”. A couple of friends joined as well: The Butcher and Mysetro. Only really made one demo when he was in a group in high school called “Hotshots”. The demo was called “Meltdown” and has been lost to the ages.

Jason started on the internet with a 28.8k modem and an expensive $5/hr account at OzEmail ISP (now pwned by iiNet).

He’s been a member of the Efnet IRC community since joining the Internet and has rarely been offline. As of 2006 he hardly goes on IRC at all, mostly living on Twitter and on Facebook.

Tech shows Jason has been involved with: The Obsidian Loft Minecraft podcast, The Old Fart Geeks, Aussie Tech Crypto, Aussie Tech Heads, Tech Webcast and Tech Talk Radio.

Programming is one of his loves and he prides himself in having done some programming in many languages (some you may call scripting) such as: C, Perl, PHP, Bash among others. He wrote a popular game called “Quirl” for the Palm OS. Later, an updated version named “Quirl:Christmas Edition” was created, using the same gameplay but with Christmas graphics and sound effects along with a Christmas tune in the background.

Quirl for PalmOS

In the 2000s, he dabbled in PHP from time to time and has written a plugin for the blog application WordPress. The plugin is called “RndImgDisplayer” and displays random images in the WordPress sidebar, automatically calculating width, height and supplying an Alt tag (or alternatively, for Firefox plain text under the image).

He also wrote an Arkanoid clone for the VZ200/VZ300 computers called “Arkaball” in Small C.

Arkaball for VZ200 & VZ300

In 2013, he developed the popular Minecraft game plugin called “Insanity Run” in Java. This is a Temple Run themed game based inside the Minecraft world.  It has had over 15,300 downloads (as of February 2023).

In 2015, he gained an awesome Work-From-Home job fighting spam on the internet.

In 2016, he bought a home to live in and, in 2017 joined up to the local Great Lakes FM radio station where he hosted the Retro Regeneration show.

In 2017 he began developing clock faces and a game for the Fitbit OS devices. They are quite popular and have been downloaded by thousands of people.

2020 brought on a desire for more development and this resulted in Corey Coolbrew for the Sinclair Spectrum designed using the Multi-Platform Arcade Game Designer. It is a part of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality.

A few more games for the VZ200 were written and appear on WauloK’s itch.io page. A couple of those were done with the Multi-Platform Arcade Game Designer after he helped port it to VZ200.

September, 2020 brought more desire for development which resulted in “Toxic Frenzy” written in 6502 Assembly for the Commodore 64. All graphics and code by Jason Oakley with help from OldSkoolCoder and the music was created by Mike Richmond. It’s also available for the Mega 65 computer with updates from Shallan50k.

“Toxic Frenzy” released with FREEZE64 magazine for Christmas 2020

As of 2023, Jason has begun writing music using the Tracktion Waveform DAW. You can listen to tunes and subscribe by going to the cosmiQ Qaos Bandcamp page.

You can also listen to his new radio show from the 2Bob FM Radio station at his Mixcloud page The Crypt radio or stream it from the 2Bob Radio website or TuneIn Radio, iHeart Radio, Community Plus radio apps on your mobile device or Google/Amazon Alexa/Apple devices on Wednesday nights from 11PM AEST.

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