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A Township Tale for Oculus Rift

A fun little MMO for Oculus Rift is A Township Tale. It’s still being developed, but you can log on and check it out.

I had a quick try last night. I customised my avatar and headed out. I came across an abandoned hut and looked around, knocked over a cooking pot and set myself on fire! 😀 haha! Well, it didn’t seem to hurt my character. I don’t see any HP stats anyway.

I found out I can pick up some items and pop them into glowing orbs on my belt which is sort of an inventory. I also found a rusty sledgehammer thingy and tried to put it into my inventory, but found it clips onto my belt on the right and hangs there. Very handy!

I came across a dodo-chicken thing and tried hitting it. I didn’t think that worked, but it soon started attacking me so I tried to fight back to no avail.. DEAD! I respawned and went back to pick up my stuff and died again 😀 haha! So I quickly went back, grabbed my stuff and headed off.

I found a broken-down structure which looked like a partly-built hut with a couple of rusty sledgehammers on the ground (mentioned above). I went after the dodo with this and this time whacked HIM dead! Revenge is sweet! I picked up the dodo leg parts and stowed them away. Can I cook and eat them? I have no idea but will find out sometime.

It was about 9:30pm Australia time and nobody on that server. It’s nice they have an Australian server, but I guess most people are online during US daytime.

Dragon Front for Gear VR and Oculus Rift

You’ve played MTG and Hearthstone and now want to play card battle games in VR. You want to play Dragon Front! It’s an awesome card battle game I first played on Gear VR and it’s also free to play the tutorial and first campaigns on the Oculus Rift!

Dragon Front has brilliant animation, effects and sound. You can play head-to-head online or in single player Conquest story mode. It appears from reviews it has in-game purchasing to advance and get other packs. Just so you know.

Ultrawings for Gear VR and Oculus Rift

I’ve played Ultrawings quite a bit on Gear VR and it’s also available on Oculus Rift.

If you would like to try flying Ultralight aircraft with missions, Ultrawings is an awesome choice. It really feels like you’re flying the vehicles. You’re required to go through the starting-up procedures, fly around courses and land correctly.

I had about 10 lessons to pilot Cessna aircraft about 20 years ago and now that’s too expensive to do, I love flying in VR. There’s reviews from real pilots saying this is pretty close to the real thing. I loved it on Gear VR and I can’t wait to try it on my Oculus Rift!

EmuVR – Console and computer emulator for VR

EmuVR is a program which uses the RetroArch system to provide emulation for old computer systems and consoles. Customise your bedroom as you had it in the 80s including your own posters and bed design. Play games on multiple consoles on multiple CRT televisions and have fun! EmuVR is currently invite-only beta.

Herobound: First steps for Gear VR

Herobound: First steps by Gunfire Games is a free game for the Gear VR. This is an introductory adventure to the bigger Herobound games (at least one of which is also on the Oculus Rift).

If you like Link games and are looking for something similar in VR, Herobound is probably your best choice. I’ve only played The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii so I’m not the biggest expert on the subject, but this is certainly a fun adventure and it won’t scare the kids, either!

Best played with a Bluetooth controller, you start off in your little hut and head out into the big world.  Soon you’ll find yourself fighting off zombies and skeletons, goblins and the like. You get a great selection of weapons. Starting with a sword, you soon end up with a bow to shoot enemies far away.

It’s not too hard to play. You soon acclimatize to the controls and are fighting your way through the dungeons.

You’ve got nothing to lose, so why not give it a go? 🙂