I expect you to die!

I had some fun over the past weekend starting and completing the fun VR game “I expect you to die!“.

The premise from the website:

You are part of a special secret agency that aims to topple Dr. Zor and the Zoraxis organization.

You have been given telekinetic powers — a special treat for our Agents in the Enhanced Operative Division. Report to your office where your Agency Handler will provide you the information and training you need to successfully complete your missions. Welcome aboard.

There are a lot of fun puzzles and many scenarios (missions) to complete. I completed them all and had great fun doing so. There’s great satisfaction to be had in beating the puzzles and thwarting Dr Zor and his henchmen. Nothing is too frustrating. I think it has just the right amount of difficultly.

I had Wishlisted the sequel and saw on Steam I can purchase it for a discount of 20% since I have the first game. But yesterday I noticed they now have a THIRD installment coming real soon now! I can’t wait to play both of these! 🙂

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