A Township Tale for Oculus Rift

A fun little MMO for Oculus Rift is A Township Tale. It’s still being developed, but you can log on and check it out.

I had a quick try last night. I customised my avatar and headed out. I came across an abandoned hut and looked around, knocked over a cooking pot and set myself on fire! 😀 haha! Well, it didn’t seem to hurt my character. I don’t see any HP stats anyway.

I found out I can pick up some items and pop them into glowing orbs on my belt which is sort of an inventory. I also found a rusty sledgehammer thingy and tried to put it into my inventory, but found it clips onto my belt on the right and hangs there. Very handy!

I came across a dodo-chicken thing and tried hitting it. I didn’t think that worked, but it soon started attacking me so I tried to fight back to no avail.. DEAD! I respawned and went back to pick up my stuff and died again 😀 haha! So I quickly went back, grabbed my stuff and headed off.

I found a broken-down structure which looked like a partly-built hut with a couple of rusty sledgehammers on the ground (mentioned above). I went after the dodo with this and this time whacked HIM dead! Revenge is sweet! I picked up the dodo leg parts and stowed them away. Can I cook and eat them? I have no idea but will find out sometime.

It was about 9:30pm Australia time and nobody on that server. It’s nice they have an Australian server, but I guess most people are online during US daytime.

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