Vintage Story : A Minecraft-like game

I was looking through posts on Reddit the other day and came across a suggestion of a game called Vintage Story.

It’s kind of like Minecraft, but not. It is being developed by some programmers who were developing a Minecraft mod called VintageCraft. They also integrated a lot of ideas from TerraFirmaCraft. TFC was a mod of Minecraft which aimed to make things more realistic — ie. no punching trees. You have to collect sticks. To make weapons in the early game you need to pick up flint rocks and ‘knap’ the shape into an axe-head, knife-blade, etc then craft them together to make the weapons / tools. It’s quite cool.

Vintage Story

I set up a server on my Ubuntu server and set up Mono on my Pop!OS desktop and logged in. It seemed interesting, but I wasn’t sure. I watched a couple of videos on Beginner’s Guide to Vintage Story and that’s when I saw it’s based on TerraFirmaCraft and is not as bad as I thought.

There’s a lot to learn and you really need the Wiki open at all times while you are learning. There’s a lot of recipes and dos and don’ts to learn. You will probably die quite a few times — I certainly did! Hunger, Wolves, Pigs, etc are out to get you. It’s not unplayable in that respect. You can just keep away from the animals .. and the monsters… Oooohhh the monsters!

This ‘friendly’ dude is called a Drifter!

The Drifter certainly does not want to be your best friend. No… not at all! He’s only around at night and/or deep underground so make sure you’re safe at night. I’ve built a mud home which has a fireplace, grass bed and a pit kiln for firing clay things. That’s not a bad start.

We’ve only really been playing it for one day, but there’s lots to go and I think we’ll be back on it from time to time among playing Satisfactory, Valheim, my own modpack and the All-In-One modpack.

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