FREEZE64 presents Toxic Frenzy!

Vinny has let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. The Commodore 64 game I was developing is called Toxic Frenzy! It’s based on a Game and Watch game called “Oil Panic“. In this one, however, it’s toxic waste liquid you’re catching in a bucket. Drop it into the barrel carried by the man below and don’t spill it on the customers waiting outside.

Toxic Frenzy title screen and in-game screen

Vinny has put together a nice story to go along with the game. From the looks of things it took me from September 22, 2020 to October 31, 2020. I wasn’t going full-speed, however. There were days I had other things on and others I wasn’t up to it. So on and off it was around 5.5 weeks.
I’ll admit there were times when I didn’t expect I’d get it done at all. Times of frustration when things didn’t work how they should, when things stopped working or when I didn’t think I could get something to work.

All of this is in the past now and I’m very excited it’s completed. One of the other devs requested a video of the titlescreen. This is from a couple of weeks ago and is missing several things, so there’s more to see:

It was a lot of fun programming the game and I’m glad I completed it as I wanted, including a few suggestions from others.
The game now has a Christmas theme as it’s being released with FREEZE64 magazine’s Christmas edition at the end of the year as an exclusive download. I’m very pleased with that!

Keep an eye on for more information later.

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