Turbo Rascal Syntax Error “;” expected but BEGIN

This past week I became interested in this funky development environment called TRSE. They have written a (mostly) Pascal compiler and IDE, etc for 8-bit and 16-bit computers. I noticed they had not covered the Dick Smith VZ200 which was my first love in computers, so I asked how hard it’d be to add another Z80 computer.

The main developer had the VZ200 done within a very short time and it would successfully compile a .vz file to use in an emulator. I believe it will work in a real computer as well, but I’ve sent my EEPROM for my VZ200 SDCard reader to be updated and hopefully it will return this week.

Things I’ve coded it to do:

Display text by calling a procedure.
Plot pixels, draw lines and draw a box in whichever supported colour you like!
Write some text to the screen in a pre-defined font in whichever colour!

That’s what I’ve been busy with all this weekend while being on-call for work. I’ll be taking a Comp Day for work this week — probably Tuesday — and see what other fun goodies I can add to TRSE for VZ200 ! 🙂

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