BYD Seal Premium

I have purchased an Arctic Blue BYD Seal Premium EV car. Example below:

Some BYD Seal Premium features:

  • Driving Range: 570km WLTP
  • Acceleration: 5.9-second 0-100km/h
  • Power: max power to 230kW and the max torque to 360Nm
  • Charging: 150kW DC CCS2 port
  • Dimensions: 1460mm height, 4800mm length and 1875mm width
  • Battery: 82.56kWh capacity

The BYD Seal is claimed to charge from 10 to 80 per cent in 37 minutes on the 150kW DC fast charger. A portable CCS2 charging cable is included, as is a vehicle-to-load (V2L) discharger adapter that allows you to use the BYD Seal’s battery to power devices and appliances.

Useful stuff:

Recommended apps:

Highly recommended apps include: Chargefox. This app lets you see what chargers are available, what the status of the chargers are (in-use, broken) and whether a Tesla charger is usable by non-Tesla owners. NeedToCharge – Register your vehicle’s Licence plate. If you are waiting to use a charging station you can mark yourself as waiting. You can also contact someone who is plugged into a charging station to let them know their car is fully charged and they can move it for you to use. Very handy.

Home charging: I went with the Zappi v2.1 with built-in hub. The hub allows me to connect to the charger via the myenergi app to monitor and schedule charging my car. It’s also solar-aware so can be set to only charge your car with excess solar energy (if your batteries are full) or charge with solar up to a point and use the grid to add more kWh or just use all-grid when you need fast charging. You can also schedule charging. For me, installation cost $3,800. This includes the Zappi charger. It may be cheaper for you if your fusebox is closer to your Zappi. My Zappi is in the garage which is on the opposite side of the house to my fusebox. High power cables are expensive and so added to the cost for me. The fusebox needed a few components upgraded which also added to the cost. My Zappi also has a tethered cable but you can get one without.

The Good Car Company supports communities by helping low income people buy affordable used EV cars.


Download the iPhone BYD app:

Download the Android BYD app:

For more info, check out my BYD Seal FAQ.

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