Printed case for Raspberry Pi

After about 30 attempts I managed to successfully print a nice case for my Raspberry Pi. It’s the Snap Fit Case.

Failed attempt

I have tried so many times to print this but it always failed and I was very frustrated. The little stand part on the left-front would always eventually slip off the base plate and ruin the print. Sometimes only after 15 mins of printing.
I posted on Reddit and Facebook a few times and did a lot of research. In the end I got it to work by:

  • Printing at half the original speed – especially the initial layer (set to about 15)
  • Enable Raft and Supports
  • Apply sugar water and a squirt of hairspray
  • Flip the Creality print bed and print on the back of it
Time-lapsed successful print

As you can see in the time-lapse video above the print was successful. In fact, it finished sooner than I expected. (And sooner than Octoprint expected).

Part-way through printing
The finished print with raft and supports
Raft and supports removed
Top and bottom printed previously
Completed assembly

After all this I’m very happy to finally have my case printed successfully. I’ve learned a lot but I know I have a long way to go. Next is getting the camera to be recognised by Octoprint, then printing a case and mount for it.

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