Ender 3 All-in-one Micro test

One of the best ways to test out your printer is to do a Micro All-in-one test print. It makes your printer print overhangs up to 80 degrees along with bridge printing, stringing test, sharp-corner test, tolerence and scale tests.

Micro All-in-one test

As you can see this is a remarkable outcome for a stock-standard Ender 3. I think the profile I found on Reddit works really well and could not be much happier with the print. In the future I will try a fan add-on and it may help a bit but this is pretty damn good.

Video of the Micro All-in-one

I filmed a video of all sides of the print. As you can see, it is very good. I don’t have many things to tweak the settings on. I actually tried printing a similar one a couple of weeks ago and it made it to about 30/45 degrees before the print went very messy. This print was at 0.1mm layer height and quite slow printing.

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