I decided to find another interesting game to play. I really like Valheim but have been playing it for so long it was time for a change.

I looked through a lot of Reddit suggestions and came across Smalland.

I bought it and loaded up and started playing:

I died quite a few times before reading some guides and realised I needed a wooden sword. I also ran past my gravestones a few times not realising what they looked like:

I managed to climb a Great Tree and claim it as my own. Now I can make a shelter and add a fireplace, bed, chests, workbench and stonecutter. It really does seem a lot like Valheim in this respect, but the graphics are more beautiful and it seems a lot more fun.

I’m enjoying running around and killing ants, beetles, bugs and things while levelling up. There’s so much to explore. Make sure you don’t fall in the water or you’ll die! I haven’t, so far.

I wandered around quite a bit and found a rundown bridge:

I didn’t get to the other side yet as it started getting to dusk and this world gets a lot more dangerous at night. However, now I’ve levelled up a bit and have a wooden sword I can mostly 1-shot kill large ants and other bugs are less of a hassle. More like Greydwarves at this stage — annoying, but not hard to kill.

The Survive the Wilds update just launched, so it was a good time to buy this game. You can see about it below:

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