Cassette 50 competition

There’s a Cassette 50 charity competition for the Commodore 64 computer at the moment. Games are based on the original ‘cassette 50’ idea where you got 50 games but they were very small and not very good quality. They went for quantity instead!

I wanted to make something quick and easy in BASIC so I based the idea on a game I played on the Exidy Sorcerer computer in High School. The game was called Orb of Halucidon. It’s just a little adventure game but mine’s even more limited due to no memory above $1000 HEX allowed to be written to. This is very restricting when Commodore BASIC starts at $0802 HEX!

It didn’t take me too long to write the game, but cutting it down so it was still quite playable and a little enjoyable was the hard part!

Lil Adventure by WauloK / Nitronyx

You can check out my low quality BASIC game on my page. It’s also available to view on the Charity’s page.

It was still quite fun to do. I have an idea for another game I might bash out. There’s still 3 months to go. Maybe I’ll do 2-3 games? Who knows? It’s all in fun! 🙂

I decided to do another quick little game. While watching Shallan50k Twitch streams he has a race at the bottom of the screen to bet Shallan Shillings on. Well, I’ve turned that on its head and now you can bet on usernames of people who participate in Shallan50k’s Twitch streams!

World Cup Horseracing

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