Satisfactory – second impressions

OK so I decided to bite the bullet and try more Satisfactory. My friend suggested restarting with a new server build, so this time I picked the desert-style area. There was an Iron deposit and Copper deposit nearby and limestone not too far away. I built the Hub because it appears the first person to log onto the server (or the admin? no idea) gets the Hub parts to build, so I built it.

I dropped off a few portable mining robots and Will got busy building another crafting station. I built an Engineer’s Workshop and we started getting somewhere. Perhaps it created a faulty server build the first time? Hmm.

This time we started with Xeno Zappers, so that’s good. I started exploring the area and collecting parts and alien tech and power slugs. I got chased by a fire-breathing dragon thing and it hit me then I clipped under the world again. So I lost whatever I had since I had to RESPAWN. It was getting late so I left Will to it.

I logged on Saturday afternoon and Will had built a miner and connected it via conveyor belts to the new smelter, power and connected to a storage bin. I decided to do more exploring and hoped to get my crate if it still existed. Will was not able to play Saturday so I was on my Pat Malone.

I wandered for about an hour, picking up slugs and parts and tech. I got knocked off a cliff and died. No biggie. I went on my corpse-run and got stuck in a tree. Could not get out so I had to RESPAWN again. Now I had a couple more crates with stuff. I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon on corpse runs trying to find my crates via various paths and died a bunch of times — mostly to the fire-breathers or headbutting-hogs. A few more times I got either stuck in a tree or glitched underground. I gave up at 10:30pm.

Sunday I started about 11am and went wandering to find my stuff again. Every now and again when I died I would build a new storage unit and connect it via conveyor belts to keep things flowing. I’d also filled the generators with biofuel.

Over the day I probably died another 15-20 times. Sometimes I’d find a crate with stuff, but more often than not I’d just die to the headbutter hogs or — as I soon discovered — their dads, who are even bigger.

Sometimes I’d make a new Xeno Zapper to take with me. Sometimes I’d just go on a run without.

I did find lots of alien tech and parts from crashed ships. At one stage I had 7-8 crates lying around.

By about 6pm Sunday I’d picked up the crates showing on the radar/compass. I know there are more out there because the ones I’ve picked up don’t have drives nor many of the alien techs and slugs. I guess I may stumble across them again another time, but for now I have no idea where they are because they dropped off the compass. Googling shows this is a known issue by players.

By 6:30pm Sunday I got all the crates findable back to the Hub and built yet another storage unit and connected via conveyor belts. I decided to do some research with the MAM. I needed some more iron rods so went to the personal storage where some iron is. I jumped over a conveyor belt and the game crashed to desktop. Hmm.

Oh well, I started up again and walked to the personal storage, grabbed some iron and headed back to the MAM and the game crashed.

I started up again and walked a few steps and the game crashed.

Even today after all of this I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and continue playing, but now that it’s crashing to desktop I don’t know. I may be able to delete the game and reinstall it, but I don’t know if this will empty my inventory and delete my progress or what. It really shouldn’t come to this. Still not satisfied.

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