I’ve been having a lot of fun soloing Valheim lately. I started a couple of weeks ago and play occasionally.

I started a new server from scratch so it’ll have the new Mistlands update released last December.

I began in the Meadows and then found a Black Forest not too far away. However, I had to sail quite a bit to find a good Swamp biome. I soon found one and built a small home there which I’ve expanded. Also while sailing around there right next to the Swamp biome was Haldor. I got my Meginjord which helps me carry more items.

However, the small Swamp biome did not have any sunken crypts, so I sailed on further and found a slip of land which is a Black Forest biome with a large Swamp behind it. I landed my boat and build a small home there. I could now mine for iron, which is great.

After a while I heard some Fulings outside my home. I knew there’s a Plains biome across a river but did not expect to see any Fulings right near my home. I also had to kill a Deathsquito!

It turns out there’s a tiny sliver of land right next to the water near my home where it’s a Plains biome!

With my new Iron mace I could easily kill any Fulings and they had already taken on the local Greylings so had lost a little health. Now I have a few pieces of Black Metal.

Just now I heard a Lox outside my home so I went to investigate. Sure enough, one had spawned in that tiny sliver of land.

I swam across the river and gathered some Cloudberries to feed the Lox and dropped them on the ground near him. Now, he’s slowly being tamed as I watch from the roof of my home nearby.

Soon, I should have my own pet Lox! How awesome! He can help keep me safe from any roaming Swamp monsters or Black Forest monsters and any Fulings who wander across the river or spawn in that little sliver of land.

I just wandered over to him after typing most of this blog entry and he is fully tamed! So I named him “WauloX” haha!

Odin popped in to check on me while I was wandering around. He’s visited twice so far.

You can just see him if you squint enough 😀

I thought I’d add a picture of my current home:

I’m standing on a large rock which is part of my fortress wall. I also have a bunch of beehives:

I’m still having lots of fun. I wanted to make the Iron Sledge. I need a Draugr Elite trophy from killing a Draugr Elite. Well, there’s a Draugr spawner not too far from my home. My WauloX has wandered over that way. I died a few times due to several Draugrs spawning at a time. After the most recent time I had a sleep overnight and went out to see how my Lox was doing. He’d just fought off an Abomination and I went to collect the dropped items and would you know it… he’d killed a Draugr Elite and there was a Draugr Elite trophy lying on the ground 😀 How cool is that? What a good Lox I have. So now I have my Iron Sledge to go beat up more monsters.

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