Vendetta Online for Gear VR and Oculus Rift

I haven’t done any podcasts in a while so I thought I’d talk a bit about some games I’ve been playing on Gear VR.

The first one is called “Vendetta Online“. It’s an MMO set in space. The game launches with a tutorial which teaches you how to fly your space ship. You start with a small, basic ship with a basic battery and weapon and are directed to fly it around and attack some drones. After time, you are let out of the tutorial area and set free into the universe.

This game is fully cross-platform and has been on many other devices before they brought it to VR. At the start, you have a free account and can play it with others, but you get more benefits after subscribing.

Below is a video discussing Vendetta Online:

I found it amazingly expansive and immersive. You should buy a Bluetooth controller to play it, for the best results. I had already bought a Steelseries Stratus XL controller and it works really well:

Steelseries Stratus XL

It will be worthwhile for many VR games, so you may as well get it! 🙂

You can fly around with this controller but when you turn your head with your Gear VR headset on you can look around outside the cockpit where you sit and see asteroids floating around as well as other ships and docking places.

I’ve only played it once last night and got through the tutorial and am really enjoying it so far. I could not believe how cool it looked to be flying in space.


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