Poker VR for Oculus Rift

Now, I haven’t played Poker VR on the Rift yet as I’ve only just ordered mine, but I have been playing it on the Gear VR and it’s a lot of fun. You create your own avatar and play online.

It’s great to take on other players around the world. It activates your microphone when you log on so you can talk to the other players at the table. Have no fear, though! You can MUTE anyone you don’t want to hear from and it puts duct tape across their mouth in-game! 😀 They don’t know it but it shows on your screen so you know who is muted.

I haven’t had any problems with players. They all seem quite friendly to play against (with?) and you get people from all walks of life. Some try to be funny and others just sit quietly, while others might talk about what’s going on in their country at the time.

You can add players as friends so you’ll know when they’re on and jump on the same table to play along.

The controls work very well with the default Gear VR controller. Just point to your stack of chips and pull the trigger when it’s at the amount you want to raise or just click the CALL or FOLD buttons on the screen.

You can buy gifts for other players. These are often little animated characters in-game such as a spaceship which flies around the table or an animal or a fish swimming around the table, etc.

If you like Texas Hold’em Poker and want some friends to play with in VR, this is the way to go! You might even get to play against Phil Hellmuth!

Poker VR is free to play, although you can play cash games if you want.

(Update 20/10/2018) I’ve now played Poker VR a few times on the Oculus Rift and it’s way cooler than on the Gear VR! You clench into a fist and double-knock on the table to check, you pick up the cards and toss them into the center of the table to fold, etc. It’s a much better experience! 🙂

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