V-Racer Hoverbike

I was browsing Reddit and there was a post promoting this game: V-Racer Hoverbike. I don’t ride a motorbike but it had me intrigued and it was on sale on Steam, so I figured why not? 🙂

V-Racer Hoverbike

I strapped on (ooo-er!) my Oculus Rift headset and grabbed my controllers. You can choose from several types of steering but I think the one that works best for me is the leaning-steering setting. That is, you lean sideways as you would on a motorbike and this steers you. Use the right-trigger to accelerate and the left one to brake. The right button is for firing powerups (homing missiles, etc) at your enemies — quite fun in the Combat Mode.

There’s different types of racing from just a Free Ride to Combat Racing against AI and they have even added Online Multiplayer so you can compete against your friends! What fun! 🙂

You get awards and rankings based on how well you do. I think my last race ranking is 180th in the world for a particular track and I got a gold medal for a Combat Mode race, which was pretty nice.

One of the tracks features a 360 degree loop which can be quite thrilling!

You can customise your bike in the Garage with different colour paints for different parts of the bike. You can also add decals or just spray paint your bike with different colours.

I played for about 20 minutes but I really liked this game and will be coming back to it 🙂

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