Catan VR

I’ll just put the name of the game in the title from now on. They’ll ALL be for Oculus Rift since I gave away my Gear VR to a good friend 🙂

Catan VR is a great version of the Settlers of Catan boardgame. I’ve never played it as a boardgame so this was all new to me. I first watched the tutorial and played a game.

The in-game depth to the board and pieces on it are delightful and the surrounding room and ambiance is a treat!

I almost won the game, too.. (if it weren’t for those meddling kid…er.. AI players!)

I was leading for most of the game, which was cool for someone who’s never played it before 😀 I think I needed more settlements/cities and instead concentrated on roads. I had the Longest Road trophy fairly soon into the game and kept building them out. I can’t see what resources are required for each item (road, settlement, city) so I think I wasted too much on roads and not enough on the others which are probably more important. My score was 6+1 for much of the game since I had a special card giving me an extra point, but the others surged on ahead.

To be fair, there is an in-game reference manual and tutorial which I could refer to in order to know what resources to keep.. but I wanted to see how I’d go on my own.

Note that I played this on a free-game weekend and have not purchased it as yet, tho that may change if I find any friends interested in playing. The AI was good to play against, however.

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