I tried playing this crazy game. Windlands is kinda Spiderman-like. Instead of shooting out webs to swing on you have hooks which shoot out from your fists and grab onto trees, buildings, platforms, etc.

The video above is for the Windlands 2 version, but it’s similar. I could not find Windlands 2 in the SteamVR store so bought the first one. There was nobody else online, but I believe it’s a multiplayer game. Perhaps they all went to 2 or maybe I’m still learning.

I started off in a room with a mysterious voice talking to me. It’s mostly up to yourself to nut out how to play it. There’s a button which seems to help you jump/fly if you have a wall to bounce off. You use the joystick to move and turn or strafe.

Most of the game features jumping and grappling onto things and swinging from platform to platform. I got to the end of the tutorial area after a while of falling and respawning. I got to a set of island platforms where you search for some crystals. It was fun swinging from place to place and it’s a good game mechanic.  I played for about a half hour without getting nausea so that’s good, but it may affect others who are more susceptible to that kind of thing.

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