Space Pirate Trainer

Wow! A Galaga-type game in VR and all 3D and shit? YES PLEASE!!!

All I can say is WOW! I played a few games of Space Pirate Trainer and it really is exhilarating! This is another game you will be sure to get a thorough workout with. My Fitbit steps are gonna be going up so high so often with these high-intensity games… but… I LOVE IT!

You start with a couple of laser guns and are standing on a platform at the side of a building with a space-ship behind you, looking out over the city. The wave begins and the alien robots appear. First, there’s only one. Then, a few. Then suddenly you’re shooting madly at the sky and hoping no passing aircraft are in the vicinity!

There’s powerups like shields and I think better weapons. You can also select lots of different options in the titlescreen along with checking the leaderboard to see how much work it will be to catch friends or people around the world.

Suddenly, a robot shoots AT YOU! Time slows down a’la Bullet Time like in The Matrix and you better believe it’s imperative you DUCK and WEAVE out of the way! If you’re successful time speeds up again and you’re back shooting. If not, a technicolour RGB hue effect changes the screen temporarily to let you know one of your lives is now up!

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