Adventures in Valheim

A few weeks ago I set up a new Linux server at home with my Cubecoders AMP server management console. Just because I can do things from the console it doesn’t mean I want to!

I have been using AMP since it was called MCMyAdmin for managing my Minecraft servers, but they also support a ton of other game servers. I’d heard a friend Shallan50k had been playing Valheim and enjoyed it. I’ve also heard people talk about Satisfactory. I decided to set up servers for those and also Terraria. So far, tho, we’ve only played Valheim as it’s so much fun!

We started out in our island and have died so many times 😀 haha! The first thing Will did was to find a place to live. He found a little abandoned hut and moved in and built the Workbench and added some chests outside for storage, along with beds inside for us.

I logged on the next day and saw a Greyling was attacking our chests! I hit him a couple of times and died but respawned in my bed nearby and went out to finish him off. I soon decided we needed an area fenced off from the mobs. I went about building a large walled-in area and started building a bigger place for us to live in. It took quite some time as I did not understand the mechanics of having to make sure everything built required solid foundations or they’d break and fall apart. At least you always get your building parts back! Will logged on and explained the colours you see on the wood when building denotes the stability of each piece. Now it started to make a bit of sense. I started building quite a large place — much bigger than we ever needed.

Soon I had been venturing out and about to a new area and decided to build another place. This time, however, I dug a large, deep trench around the place first, then set about building a tall fence and finally the actual home inside. This was a much nicer place to live so we soon went back and forth moving our stuff from in our chests to the new place.

There was a tower nearby which had some skeletons in it and I died many times trying to take them on, but each time you fight your skill goes up so it’s always worth it. We spent quite a lot of time in this place doing it up and setting things out how we wanted, upgraded our Workbench and made our first Forge to make better tools. We mined tin and copper to make bronze and added a smelter and coal kiln to feed it.

After more time adventuring around and running fast from trolls, we needed to move on to taking on things in swamps. This would let us mine iron scrap in sunken crypts and we could smelt that to make ever better weapons and armour. I found a nice area just a short walk away from the swamp and overlooking a beach with the ocean breaking waves there. I dug a trench behind the place — around a troll cave — and the front of our place is the ocean so we don’t get many enemies coming that way (although they do tend to swim through, especially when there’s an Event on!).

We set up a portal in the new place near the swamp and one back at our last old place so we could teleport back and forth and transfer more things. It also helped that we could port back to repair weapons and tools on the existing forge before building a new one. After some time we had settled in there. This home is two storeys so there’s a lot more room, however we mostly only use the bottom level. I put my bed and a chest on the top level.
Our home by the sea
The view out the front, not long after it was built. Will built a dock for his raft.

We’ve had a lot of adventures. My Steam account says my hours played in Valheim is 125.2 hours so far! Usually after I try a different game I get bored too easily and end up back in Minecraft but I haven’t played Minecraft since I installed Valheim!

Today I tried venturing up into the snowy mountains. I built a portal to a place I built for some shelter up there. I am now at the level I can take on the wolves hunting in the mountains.

I dug down into the mountain and a troll came to see if I was ok. That was nice of him! 🙂

I actually trapped a wolf tonight and fed it until it was tamed. Then I named it. A few seconds after that there was an event “A foul smell from the swamp” and I was surrounded by skeletons and Draugrs. The first thing they did was kill my pet wolf! How rude! Well, I was not in any condition to fend them all off so ran into my enclosed area and spent some time repairing the fences as they tried to break them down. Eventually they calmed down and I went out to dispatch with the leftovers.

Since I had lost my pet I decided to check out some bigger snowy mountains near the Plains (a risky and dangerous biome). I killed a few Drakes flying around after they tried freezing me. I came across a giant rock monster, but he was busy fighting the Drakes. I decided to just wander around and see if I was going to be lucky enough to find a silver ore vein. We haven’t beaten Bonemass (a big boss of the swamp) yet, so we don’t have the Wishbone which tells you where silver is, but apparently you may be lucky to find some sticking out the side of a mountain.

Well, I soon came across a large wolf on his hind legs and I ran fast! I ran straight to a tower nearby which was full of skeletons, but since I can take them on I had no issues. I climbed to the top of the tower and saw the large, black wolf — named Fenrir — and pinged my fire arrows at him until he dropped. I went to see what I would get and was rewarded with one lousy wolf fang! I already had a bunch from taking on other wolves.

So I kept wandering around and saw something shining in the distance. I decided to check it out. A Drake started firing freezing breath at me but I got him with my arrows. I went to see the shiny stuff and it was his NEST! There laying in the nest was a Dragon Egg! Wooo! I’d never seen one before! I quickly grabbed it and noted it’s very heavy. I do have the special belt which lets you carry up to 450 weight so I picked it up. I wandered around some more and was chased by some wolves but got rid of them, then I saw another shining area. I wandered over, thinking I’d somehow wandered back to where I had already taken an egg. I took down the Drake there only to find ANOTHER EGG!

Well, I may be strong now but cannot carry two eggs. I tried dropping some of my gear but it wasn’t going to be enough, so I lined up the egg with the side of the mountain and tossed it down. Then, I ran to my tower portal nearby and dropped off the first egg into a chest, then ran back and grabbed the other egg. I took them back to our swamp home and put them in a chest and then it was time to log off. Still having lots of fun with Valheim and highly recommend it!

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