Pipes for VZ200 & VZ300

During the last two weeks there’s been a Retro Game Jam on itch.io
The aim was to make a game for a retro platform. No limits or themes.
So I decided to write a VZ200 game using the Multi-Platform Arcade Game Designer I helped port to the VZ200 some time ago.

I looked through lots of old 8bit games for inspiration and the one that I liked most was the original Mario Bros game which I thought would be great fun for the VZ200.

Pipes for VZ200 inspired by Mario Bros

Of course I can’t use the original game for mine but there’s similarities. The main character is “Andre”. He must collect coins to complete each level. He needs to avoid the Krabs as they are dangerous.
He can jump on the Turkles which flips them over as in other Mario games and they go sliding on their shell across the screen destroying most enemies it touches, giving bonus points.
He can jump on Froads which makes them lie down for a few seconds. During this time the Froad is ‘armed’ and if another enemy touches him it will explode, giving bonus points.
If Andre sees a Mowse, note it cannot be killed at all! The Mowse will scurry across the bottom of the screen, disappearing into a pipe. If he comes across a coin while scurrying he will steal it and it’s stored in the bottom corner of the screen. Andre needs to jump on the Mowse to get his coin back!

30 levels of manic platforming fun! This game requires a memory expansion to run.

Collect the “UP” icon to get an extra life!

I completed this game in time for the Jam and it’s been submitted. You can download it from the Pipes itch.io page on the WauloK itch.io page.

A few levels of Pipes

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