Guild Wars 2

I’ve been looking for a new MMO to play and decided to check out Guild Wars 2. I had no idea it’s Free To Play (to an extent) and so I was pleasantly surprised to learn this. I always thought you pay for the core game and then you can play. Nice.

I created a character and named him Mochau. I wanted to use the word ‘mocha’ in the name since it’s my favourite coffee type haha. I was going for “Mochai” but it was taken. I decided “Mochau” is pronounced “Mo’ cow”! We need more cowbell haha. He’s a Norn Guardian.

Mochau – level 10!

I played it for maybe 4 hours this afternoon and have reached level 10. I have to say, I think I’ve enjoyed playing this MMO much more than any others I’ve tried — including WoW! There’s lots of fun to have, such as: a snowball fight with some kids, collecting and protecting ‘bunny food’ from the bad bunny rabbits (HA!), fighting some big monsters – an area I was exploring started a Mission for everyone in the area to attack a big monster thing. We all headed there and even though there was a ton of people there it was not too laggy. I was only about level 7-8 at that stage, but I could join in. If I died someone just healed me back up again. I died a few times — not just in this fight, but in general. hehe

I got a ‘mini’ which is kinda like a pet who follows you around. You get the Mini Mystical Dragon if you enable two-factor authentication on your account — which is a really good idea to do anyway, especially for a free mini! He looks like some long snake-like Chinese dragon. He’s pretty cool. I think he may join in the fights.. I’m usually too busy to notice.

Mini Mystical Dragon

There’s lots of fun quests and side-missions to keep you busy. If you are a high level and join a lower level area, it lowers your own level to that of the area so you can’t just kill everything in sight! This helps lower-level characters still be able to get experience but you can join in with some lower-level friends of yours and help them out without wiping all the monsters. A very cool idea.

I got into a beta for a VR MMO which you can play just this weekend. I tried it out a couple of nights ago — first on my Oculus Rift, then in pancake mode. But, it’s not really my cup of tea. I didn’t have that much fun, but in Guild Wars 2 I was having so much fun I think I’ll keep up playing it. I tried out a few other MMOs recently but none of them caught my attention like this one.

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