I’ve been working with the Z88DK and wanted to look at doing some sprites. I started by loading up the VZEm emulator and using SET and COLOR and loops. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time. I needed something better.

Paintyx by Jason Oakley

I started working on a Sprite Editor, but once I got stuck into programming it — in BASIC — I decided to write a full-blown Graphics Editor: Paintyx.
It also lets you save Sprite Data and you can load it into another program — called “Sprityx“. Sprityx will read the data saved using Paintyx and display it on-screen in Decimal or Hexadecimal.
You can then type this data into Z88DK and use it for a game, for example.

Paintyx lets you use keyboard shortcuts to perform cool actions such as Fill, Rectangle, Circle, Line. You can cut/copy/paste sprites and Save Sprite data to disk.
You can download it from the Blue Bilby website.

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