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Beginning adventures with Puppet from PuppetLabs

Recently, I’ve decided to start learning Puppet from PuppetLabs.

I created a CentOS VM using VMWare Player and have been setting up an environment in which I can use Puppet to provision an AWS EC2 server and set up services, etc.

Unfortunately, I’ve had some issues with getting the Cloud Provisioner to work.

The Puppet website says to install the Cloud Provisioner, you install Puppet and it asks you if you wish to install the Provisioner during installation. However, their site recommends installing Puppet using YUM and not the tarball. ¬†The YUM installer does not ask if you wish to install the Cloud Provisioner so that does not help. The website also says you can post-install it by downloading the tarball and use YUM to install it from the ‘packages’ directory in the tarball. Unfortunately, the tarball does not have a ‘packages’ directory in it, so that does not help.

I did find a Cloud Provisioner Puppet module which could be installed to provide the Cloud Provisioner node_aws. This breaks the ‘puppet node’ command¬†as I discovered after many attempts to get it to work. I found on the Puppet discussion group a post a couple of years ago, which apparently has not been resolved.

[Puppet – Bug #16651] Installing the cloud provisioner module breaks the node subcommand

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