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Debian beats the pants off Ubuntu

Debian Logo

To aid in getting experience with Puppet Enterprise I wanted to set up a few computers in my home network to install and test Puppet on. I have a MacBook Pro mid-2010 which I had not been using much. I …

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Some Puppet podcasts

Lately, I’ve been looking into finding some Podcasts related to DevOps and Puppet to listen to. Here’s a few I’ve started with: Ops All The Things – A Podcast about all things Operations, DevOps and Systems Administration (@OpsAllTheThings) DevOps Mastery …

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Better luck with Puppet

After my previous issues, I decided to download and install Fedora 20 for my Puppet server VM. A friend had mentioned he prefers Linux distros with a v3 kernel. I installed it and downloaded Puppet Enterprise 3.2.2 for RHEL. I …

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Rolling back Ruby to get Puppet to work again

Wow! It’s such an adventure. I may have to give the AWS stuff a skip and just use local machines. A friend has offered me an old laptop which I’m going to install CentOS on. Now I wish to use …

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More Puppet adventures

So I wanted to make sure Puppet only supports Ruby 1.8 as I’d seen on a support mailing list. It turns out the main Puppet Supported Platforms page says Puppet 3.5.1 supports Ruby 2.1. Epic win! So I installed it: …

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