Aussie Tech Heads – Episode 572

  • Google’s Project Zero discloses Microsoft Edge bug
  • Amazon overtakes Microsoft in market capitalisation thanks to booming AWS revenue
  • How an Apple staffer leaked the iPhone source code
  • iMessage outage: Telstra customers unable to send messages on iPhone
  • NBN reports progress but no timeline for HFC fix
  • Drop everything and download: THRIVE
  • apple is said to negotiate buying cobalt direct from miners
  • preservation or theft historians publishers argue over dead game servers
  • utorrent client affected by some pretty severe security flaws
  • the car of the future will sell your data
  • mattel tynker barbie teach kids code
  • technology to transform direct mail in 2018
  • ai tech arrives in nz supermarket trolleys
  • android 9 0 p blocks mic access

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