Aussie Tech Heads – Episode 570

  • Energizer claims 16 day battery life with smartphone launch
  • Tablet sales decline for the 13th straight quarter
  • Superloop’s CyberHound tackles kids’ screen addiction in exclusive deal for Circle by Disney
  • Reseller jailed for selling dodgy tablets in indigenous communities
  • Tesla and Australia will turn 50 000 homes into a virtual solar power plant
  • apple music may soon become the most popular music streaming service in the us
  • Apple Shipped a Record 18M Smartwatches in 2017
  • WordPress update breaks future updates
  • Space car cruises further than expected towards asteroid belt
  • telstra opens 5g innovation centre on gold coast
  • now google might make a game console and game streaming service
  • facebook wants to open up its videos platform to more online influencers and advertisers
  • These self destructing electronics can turn your data to dust on command
  • The best (and worst) technology predictions of all time

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