Subnautica VR

Amazing. Simply amazing! 

I spent several hours recently trying to find a survival-type game with crafting and exploration. Now, there’s tons of horror-survival type VR games with cannibals, zombies and monsters. However, I’m looking for something a bit closer to Minecraft… without actually being Minecraft.

My search ended up on Subnautica by Unknown Worlds. I already had this on my Steam Wishlist, so I read a few opinions on Reddit (I know.. bad idea.. usually!) and watched some videos and it seemed like exactly the kind of game I was searching for.

Subnautica lets you explore an immense underwater world on an alien planet. Your spaceship crash-lands and soon after explodes, leaving you to survive on your own.  You have to go find ingredients for recipes and start building things to survive, including finding food and water.  Fresh, drinking-water that is! Water, water all around and none fit for drinking!

The graphics are beautiful and amazing to see. The water effects splashing on your visor as you enter and exit the water is lovely and the flora and fauna are a sight to behold.  There’s a fabricator onboard your escape pod and it works kinda in the way of the Minecraft crafting table, only it’s a lot more high-tech.

The Virtual Reality mode of this game really suits it. The only niggling complaints I have are the subtitles right at the bottom of your viewing area where you cannot see them and some at the very top.  I also have to wear my glasses while playing as text is often too small — but that’s not a criticism of the game. Steam says I’ve played this for 9 hours so far and that’s longer than most VR games (besides Poker) that I’ve kept coming back to play and am excited about what is to come. The game doesn’t force you in any particular direction, but nudges you in the right pathway from time to time — which is very welcome.  If you get stuck, head on over to the Subnautica Wiki which I found very helpful while learning to play this game.

Subnautica mostly works with my Steelseries Stratus XL controller. I don’t think it’s the game’s fault, but rather Steam in general seems to have issues with this controller (the Right and Left Trigger don’t seem to be supported properly).. and you’ll want a gamepad to play this well. I ended up syncing my PlayStation 4 DualShock controller to my Windows computer and it’s infinitely better!

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