Minecraft VR

Lots of fun or WHAT? Minecraft VR for Oculus Rift!

So I installed Minecraft VR on my Oculus Rift and created a New World. I bought Minecraft maybe 7 years ago but do not appear to be able to claim a free copy for Windows 10 (aka VR) to link to my Xbox Live account. The only way to play Minecraft VR is if you have an Xbox Live account. You cannot sign in with your Mojang account, so my usual Username and skin, etc is not available. That’s quite annoying.

Anyways, so I logged in and get a Trial Mode countdown to play it or I can pay for it. Whether I will bother will remain to be seen. Most of my Minecraft playing these days is on my personal server in my loungeroom and playing Modded Minecraft via the Twitch app. So, I probably won’t buy it. Especially since you are supposed to be able to claim a free copy of Minecraft for Windows 10 if you bought Minecraft before the Windows 10 version was launched. I can log into my Mojang account and click Claim Gift for Windows 10 but then it asks me to type in a gift code which it hasn’t given me. Oh well.

As for gameplay, it really is quite something else! I wandered around and opened the free chest of goodies you get when you start, so I had an axe and pickaxe and a bit of food and some other stuff. I raided the village I had spawned in and also chopped down a tree and mined some cobblestone.

I applaud the game interaction setup with the Oculus Touch controllers. It works really well and being able to see your Hotbar basically attached to your left countroller is great. I went inside one of the village houses.. the one with the bookshelves along the walls and a free crafting bench (tho I had already made one of my own). I placed a chest I’d raided from the Blacksmith’s room and filled it with the stuff I had.

I made a stone sword and ventured outside. It soon became dark so I hid myself in the small area I had mined out, but no mobs came after me so I snuck out to have a look around. I soon found a spider and dispatched him quickly with my sword then a zombie came at me. He was soon gone and I also bashed up a skeleton.

It’s certainly a completely different experience playing in VR and worth a shot if you have purchased the game for Windows 10. If I ever figure out how to claim my free game I’ll try it out. I’m sure I’ve played Minecraft using the Windows 10 downloaded version, but maybe I could log into my Mojang account with that whereas with Minecraft VR you can only log in with your Xbox account.

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