Elite:Dangerous follow up

I’ve had some time to get used to it now and finding things somewhat better. I ended up buying a HOTAS, but not the one in my previous post. I got the Logitech X52:

Logitech X52 HOTAS

It’s an awesome HOTAS. I watched lots of YouTube videos and read reviews and this one was highly recommended.

Now that I have a proper HOTAS to play Elite with, things are a lot better. It took a while to get used to the many mapped buttons. I started with the default mapping and set up buttons how I liked it. I used a website ED RefCard to print out my button configuration. I haven’t uploaded it there for others as there’s many, many keys to map yet. I haven’t even started mining or combat. At this stage I’m delivering information and doing a little exploration. There’s so much to learn about exploration as well, but at least I’m having a much better time in-game now.

I do have recommendation, however. If you get a new HOTAS and start playing, launch the training missions first in order to get used to flying with it and testing the sensitivity. As soon as I hit LAUNCH my Sidewinder bounced around inside the space station and exploded. I got a fine or two and lost my ship. It’s not too bad since it’s only worth about 10,000 credits to fix and I have over half a million now, but it still hurts financially.

Speaking of finances, I played today during my lunch break. I am living at Ohm City these days in the LHS20 system (as recommended by many people on forums) and took a mission about 5.6ly away. I flew there and scored about 27,000 credits. I decided to find what other missions were nearby. There were several which were about 10-14ly away and I’d get about 17,000 credits which I figured was hardly worth the trouble. But then I saw another delivery which was to a system about 5.4ly away and the payment was 134,000 credits!! WOW! I’d never got a mission for that many credits before! I launched and jumped systems to get there. It was only a couple of jumps. Once I reached the system and targeted the location I was on my way in Supercruise. Halfway there I got a message “Be careful, there’s pirates in this area who will try to take your delivery. But if they come after you and you destroy them you will get a bonus!”. Hmm.. a bonus sounds great but I’ve already lost a few ships due to either mistakes of my own or once where I went on a mission to get a black-box and there was a ship hiding in the debris nearby who exploded me. Well, I figured I’d give it a go since I was most of the way to my destination anyway. In the end I didn’t see any pirates at all and landed safely and delivered the information and got my credits. I was so happy! Sooo many credits.

I think a Cobra Mark III is about 380,000 credits and I have over 500,000 now but everyone tells you the motto: “Don’t fly without rebuy!”. Meaning don’t take a ship out into space if you don’t have at least the same amount of money to buy it again if you get destroyed. So, I’ll keep my Sidey until I have about 1,000,000 credits then I can buy my Cobe and outfit it with some cool and useful modules.

It turns out the game is very confusing and difficult at the start but once you persevere and don’t give up the game you will definitely enjoy it and will keep coming back. I don’t play any other VR games on my Oculus Rift at this stage. I may go back to Subnautica at some stage, but for now it’s Elite:Dangerous Horizons or GTFO!

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