Final Fantasy XIV Online

Just over a week ago I decided to try out some Final Fantasy games. I played a very small amount of the original Final Fantasy I on my Gameboy Advance and then a little of Final Fantasy Tactics. Shortly after I decided to try the online MMO since it’s free up to about level 60.

Inry Gell – my Thaumaturge which later becomes a Black Mage!

A lot of people have been posting on Reddit and other places how FFXIV is so friendly and welcoming. They don’t tend to have the toxic communities other MMOs or online multiplayer games come across. I have always kinda liked the magic-spell-casting types. I played one on Everquest back in the day and also in World of Warcraft – which I mostly played in beta and then on and off again over the years.. but not much. There’s a lot of recent talk of people abandoning WoW due to the Actiblizzard lawsuit and how the management reacted to that, along with the toxic communities which has meant quite a lot of people have moved over to FFXIV.

Final Fantasy has a long and well-known story dating back to the 90s on Gameboy so there’s lots to learn. Apparently there’s a lot of history and self-references in the game. I don’t know the history that well so probably some is lost on me, but that doesn’t stop it being an enjoyable game.

Starting next year there’s a new addon pack coming out at the end of 2021 is called Endwalker and will also showcase the launch of Australian/Oceanic data servers with free transfers from the NA/JP servers.

Inry Gell riding a Chocobo Porter to another town. The funnest fast-travelling around! 😀

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