I decided to try out a new game. This one is Boundless. It’s kinda like Minecraft only more sophisticated. It’s made by Wonderstruck Games.


I started my character and joined the Australian server. I picked a spot which I thought was quite a bit out of town but it turned out to be quite near a town already: Mullumbimby. Mullumbimby is a town in northern New South Wales in Australia. I could drive there in just over 5 hours from where I am 😀 haha! There’s shops here I can buy stuff from and lots to explore. While I was visiting this town it started raining which has some nice effects.

I actually started out in this world just wandering around. I chopped down some trees and gathered foliage and wood. Then, I found a goat and tried whacking it a few times. It totally pwned me and I respawned in the starter area and teleported back to the planet again. Vowing this time to take it a bit easier.

Inventory screen

You can see from the above screenshot the nice inventory screen. It’s easy from here to craft things. There’s a Handcraft tab which lists things you can build and shows what items you first need to source before building. You have a left and right hand spot to place weapons, tools, items and food. There’s also an Outfits tab and a Paint tab. I guess I will come to those as I progress.

Home sweet home

You stake your claim to your own land by placing down a campfire. This puts up ‘walls’ where the land and everything inside is owned by you. You can grant access to friends and I guess guild members.

My hidden valley

As per usual when I play Minecraft I select a home location near a nice view up a hill with different biomes all around to look at for my nice, tranquil spot.

Snowy mountains

Boundless has weather patterns and above you can see the same valley, but during a snowfall. Slowly it melts back to normal land.


Here you can see some Wildstock. Strangely, they bleat like sheep so I guess they are alien sheep of some sort hehe.

Another view

Here’s another view from my home location. Part in snow, part thawed out.

Raining on the rock

And now the same valley but with rainfall. Truly beautiful 🙂

Level Up!

I just levelled up and collected two coffers of stuff. You can collect Coins, XP and Cubits. Cubits are used to purchase more plots to expand your claim.

Plot wood coffer
Nighttime sky view

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