The Crypt radio show 29-03-2023

This week’s playlist:
Solar Fake – Sick of you
ALUCVRD – Nail fetish hate god
Boy Harsher – Give me a reason
Tycho Brahe – Dislocation (Travesty Dub edit)
Amelia Arsenic – Homewrecker
Angelspit – All hail the hustle (Pill brigade mix)
I:Scintilla – Taken
Night Club – Gossip
DK-Zero – F U $
Junksista – Problems
Studio-X – Butene Machines
Lederman De Meyer – Atoms in fury
Mach FoX – A sickness
Combichrist – Hate like me
MATT HART – I am overlord
Aesthetic Perfection – American Psycho
Covenant – 20 Hz
Pure Obsessions & Red Nights – A lovely day
Psy’Aviah – On my mind
Sobriquet – Skyline
ExoKult – Ready to blow
Zheani Sparkes – Tarantulas
Brioni Faith – Cyborg mix
Dirt Factory – Violence
Mesh – Kill your darlings
Puscifer – The Mission
Empathy Test – Monsters

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