The Crypt Radio show 22-03-2023

This week’s playlist:
The Evil Dark (EVVL DVRK1) – Dead world
Neuroticfish – Velocity (Solar Experiments remix)
GRENDEL – Hate this (X-Fusion remix)
Solar Fake – I despise you
ESA: Electronic Substance Abuse – One missed call (Empirion remix)
[aesthetische] – We follow blindly (feat Mari Kattman)
Goo Munday – Anti-life
Vargil – Scare city
The Crystalline Effect – Blue sea (Dave Forman remix)
Amelia Arsenic – Live slow Die old
Studio-X vs Simon Carter – Solar Flare (feat. Bridgette)
AND ONE – Timekiller (Project Pitchfork remix)
MONO INC. – Children of the dark
Night Club – Schizophrenic
Diffuzion – Still believe (Aesthetische cold mix)
Psy’Aviah – OK (M.I.K.E mix)
NeuroWulf – Submerge
Termınal – Crackdown
Karoshi – Monster
Ponyloaf the band – Lost heartache
AD:keY offical – You can’t fuck me
Boy Harsher – Machina (feat Ms Boan – Mariana Saldana)
Tycho Brahe – It’s not enough (The Garland cult remix)
Sirus – Neuroleptic (Final mix)
Warp Music Community – Humans
Mechanical Vein – Feel your noise

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