The Crypt radio show – 15-03-2023

This week’s playlist:
Simon Sebastian – Antigravity
felix marc – Hysteria
Komor Kommando – Music is my religion
Neikka RPM – Tease me disease me
Circuito cerrado – What’s your emergency?
Sobriquet – Not everything I believe is true
Mildreda – Bright side
Mari Chrome – Here I am
Dirt Factory – Crash landing
UCNX – Sleep when you’re dead
Halo In Reverse – The windy city
Lovelorn Dolls – After dark
Studio-X – Lonely
Gusano – Sangre eternal
Kant Kino – Owner of this house lives here
Zheani Sparkes – Napalm
ESA: Electronic Substance Abuse – I detach
The Psychic Force – Die in the clinic
InfraVision – Anne Clark – Our darkness
Angelspit – Stand in line
The True UnioN – Purousthai
VNV Nation – Fearless
Prozium – Lay my vengeance
[aesthetische] – Back to life
GINGER SNAP5 – Waiting for
MATT HART – To the core

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