The Crypt radio – 18-01-2023

This week’s playlist:

Riotlegion – God(b)less

Vault113 – The prophecy

Llumen (official) – The path that leads me home

Fezter – Age of the machine

Covenant (OFFICIAL) – Pulse

genCAB – Cake

Studio-X – Cybergoth

ShadowBox – Amor

GINGER SNAP5 – Waiting for (Pride and fall mix)

DK-Zero – Replicate

Fox Nova Project – Sound off (Prey mix)

deadfilmstar – Goodbye to the world & the whole damn thing

Psychicold – Burn in hell

Nebula-H – Twilight zone (feat Dirk Ivens)

Massive Ego – World in the gutter

Rotersand – You know nothing

SD-KRTR – Starlight

The Psychic Force – Underpass

Biohacker – The gentle act of suffocation

Gusano – Sangre eternal

Device Noize – KernKraft 400

Front Line Assembly (Official Fan Page) – Neologic spasm (Dislocated by Die Krupps)

Avarice In Audio – I Pray (Official Assemblage 23)

Jerm – Brain candy

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