The Crypt 21-12-2022

21st December 2022 was the first broadcast of my new radio show on 2 Bob radio called “The Crypt“.

The show is weekly on Wednesdays at 9pm (at the moment) and goes for 2 hours.

Music styles include Electronica, Industrial, Goth, EBM and Synth.

Here’s the first show’s playlist:

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DK-Zero – Boom boom

Ashbury Heights – Science

Mechanical Vein – Feel your noise (MORIS BLAK remix)

Faderhead – All black everything

Studio-X – Butene machines

Junksista – Monday (feat. Essence Of Mind)

Avarice In Audio – Anthracite nights (Junksista remix)

Dubrow – Solid rock (feat. Katja Dubrow)

Ayria – Blue Alice

Massive Ego – Digital Heroin

Mindless Self Indulgence – Mark David Chapman

Front Line Assembly – Rock me, Amadeus (feat. Jimmy Urine)

Covenant (OFFICIAL) – Afterhours

Puscifer – The Mission

Karoshi – Monster

Super Massive – Get me out of my head

Schwarzblut – Der Schwere Abend

Metroland – Brother (Restriction 9 Mix)

I:Scintilla – Swimmers can drown

Helalyn Flowers – e-race generation

Stromkern – Stand up

Nyxx – Voodoo (feat. Aesthetic Perfection)

Blaqk Audio – Hiss

Celldweller – Switchback

KMFDM – Hyena

Rabbit Junk – The grind

Brioni Faith – Human (Mr X remix)

Listen to the show here:

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