The Crypt – 11-01-2023

This week’s show playlist:

Vargil – We are love machine

ZCluster – The rapture

MATT HART – Terraform (Blue ant remix)

XMH – House of energy

Mach FoX & Zeven Odd Gods – A sickness

Baltes&Zäyn – Apocalyptech

Stromkern – Terrorist

Lovelorn Dolls – Lament

HER OWN WORLD – Happiness Imperative

Pure Obsessions & Red Nights – A lovely day (Combichrist remix)

In Strict Confidence – Kiss your shadow

UCNX – Sleep when you’re dead

Neuroactive – In rust we trust

Schwarzblut – Zur holle

Ponyloaf the band – Aargh’s townhouse

The Gothsicles – Howler monkey

Empathy Test – Monsters

Razorfade – Chemical distraction

The Grey – Pale and grey

00tz 00tz – When all hope is lost

Junksista – Problems (feat. Lis van den Akker from Die Krupps

Essence Of Mind – Wrong

Komor Kommando – Love your neighbors (KMFDM mix)

KMFDM – Godlike

Louis Guidone Musician and Photographer – World outside

You can listen to the show here:

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