The Crypt – 04-01-2023


Red Lokust – Madman (Ashbury Heights remix)

Vanguard Band – Riot (Rob Dust remix)

Icon of Coil Official – Shelter

Prozium – Set !t Off

Digital Factor – What?

Totem Obscura vs Acylum – Warrior

Cosmic Armchair – Valentine

MENSCHDEFEKT – Giana Sisters

Necro Facility – You want it

Neikka RPM – Here’s your revolution (Rebuild & Reload mix)

RROYCE – Paranoic SL

Virgins O.R Pigeons – Bleed to lead (I give up)

IMJUDAS – Apostatik

Simona Castricum – Generations

Freakangel – Book of violence

Diffuzion – Infection

Kant Kino – Nag Gag (Faster)

Lederman-De Meyer – Flowers, Birds & Bees

Zombie Girl – Creepy crawler

felix marc – Repair

Halo In Reverse – Dirty girl

Beborn Beton – Another world

Elektroklänge РDanse Mecanique

Combichrist – From my cold dead hands

Listen to the show here:

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